Code Review

What is a code review? Every line of code that is committed to VIP is reviewed by the VIP Team. We don’t do in-depth […]

Accessing Your Code

All code is managed using the Subversion revision control system. Subversion (SVN) is the only way to access and update code on VIP Hosting. […]

Tips & Tricks

The following are custom made solutions, code tips, tricks, and modifications that we’ve learned from or developed for your fellow VIP Hosting partners.

WordPress Coding Standards

Please follow the WordPress Coding Standards before submitting your code for review. This includes things such as using underscores instead of camelCase in function names, and dashes […]

Annonymous Functions

Annonymous functions are allowed but are only recommended for small very contained bits of code, for example a small one line filter or action hook.

Best Practices

As you know from Getting Started, in order to keep the environment safe and performing to your high standards, we review in detail all […]

Scheduled Deploys

All scheduled deploys must be done manually by the VIP Team because our team needs to be around to assist, should there be any issues. […]