Documentation Backups and Restoration

Backups and Restoration

Having frequent and reliable data backups is vitally important, both if you’re self-hosted or here on We have a comprehensive backup strategy in place on


  • VIP sites are backed up every hour.
  • Real-time copies of the data are stored in 3 data centers.
  • We have offsite backups for additional data protection.
  • For your own development and testing purposes, you can simply export all of your site’s content at Tools > Export in the Dashboard.


  • Most of the time, you’ll want to contact us and let us know that a restore from backup is necessary. If it’s only one post, or a few, we will likely have different approaches.
  • If you have a previous data export of your own, use Tools > Import in the Dashboard.
  • If a full restoration is needed, contact us as quickly as possible.


All of your VIP theme files (templates, scripts, media) are kept in a Subversion repository. As such, there’s no risk of losing files ever, and your entire revision history is available to you at all times.