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Launch Day

Overview #

It’s Launch Day! Are you excited? We certainly are! Here are things to keep in mind and take care of as you push your site live.

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Delta Import #

If this is a migration, we’ll work with you to do a delta import to bring any new content. Send us an updated WXR file and we’ll pull the content in.

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Primary Domain #

Once the site is ready to cutover:

  • If you’re launching a 2nd-level domain (i.e., open a ticket with us to have the root DNS record updated to point to the site.
  • If you’re running a subdomain (i.e.
    • with your own nameservers: Have your IT team create a new subdomain entry pointing to your site
    • with nameservers: edit the DNS settings from the DNS editor (Dashboard > VIP > Domains > Edit DNS)

Once the DNS changes have been made, head over to Dashboard > VIP > Domains, and switch the primary domain to your final URL.

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Site Privacy #

From Dashboard > Settings > Reading, set the site privacy to “Public”.

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Verify #

Make sure that your robots.txt file is listing the correct records. Also, verify that legacy redirects working as expected.

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Celebrate #

Launching a site is a big deal! Make sure you pop open a sparkling beverage of your choice to celebrate your and your team’s achievement!