Collect media from social networks to enrich your blog posts with tweets, YouTube videos, Instagram photos and more. Create live, multimedia social stories that engage your audience.

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Use Storify’s popular drag-and-drop editing tools directly inside your WordPress dashboard and seamlessly post Storify stories on your blog with our plugin. This WordPress plugin makes it easy to quickly create posts with Storify without leaving WordPress, incorporating social media and links from anywhere on the web into your blog.

Storify helps you quickly find and publish tweets, photos and video from social networks in your blog posts. You can search Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and other major social networks for reactions to news, events and conferences all in one place. Crowdsource material for your blog by calling out to your audience on social networks, and collect the best media using Storify.

Storify maintains proper display and attribution, and lets you notify the people whose tweets were included in a story, helping draw more traffic to your site. Storify stories can be continuously updated and your readers will always see the latest version, which can be used for liveblogging or community galleries that bring repeat visits and strong reader engagement.

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  • Use the Storify editing dashboard inside the WordPress dashboard to create and edit Storify stories
  • Easily embed Storify stories into your blog, just paste the URL and the Storify story will be embedded
  • Fully SEO compatible
  • Formatting optimized for WordPress posts
  • Extensive API to customize the plugin’s functionality to meet your needs

Please note a Storify account is required for plugin functionality. You will be prompted to create one if you don’t already have one when using the plugin.

To Activate the Storify VIP plugin:

  1. Click Plugins on your WordPress admin dashboard
  2. Activate the Storify plugin

To create a post using the Storify VIP plugin:

  1. Go to and log in or create an account
  2. On WordPress, click Storify on your admin dashboard
  3. Create a story using the Storify editing dashboard
  4. Click Publish