Price No Object for General Motors

You may have seen the news about General Motors, one of the largest corporations in the world, using WordPress to power their new site GMnext. Their usage of WP is great, but just as interesting is this comment from Trevor Linton at McCann on the process:

I’m the lead developer for the When we looked to select the best blogging system out there we went through several both closed-source (cheap to fairly expensive) blogging tools to all the open source variety. We ended up choosing WordPress not because of the cost but simply because it was the best tool for blogging out on the market. The project is just the beginning, we’re in the process now of localizing the blog into a variety of languages. Well done on one of the best designed systems I’ve seen in a long time.

(Emphasis mine.)

3 thoughts on “Price No Object for General Motors

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  2. Even though cost was a definite concern on the projects I work with, we did have a budget that could afford the “paid” blogging aps. After trying several other platforms over the years on my personal site, I found WordPress to be leaps and bounds beyond the competition. Most people choose it because it is the best overall…the fact that it’s “free” is a bonus!

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