BabyCenter Blogs

BabyCenter has recently deployed new community features on their site including the integration of blogs — powered by WordPress MU.

For moms, there is Momformation:

A blog covering everything you need to know about moms, motherhood, and the state of parenting now.

And covering the intersection of parenting & celebrity culture, the FameBaby blog:

FameBaby covers the world of celebrity pregnancy and parenting in a timely, fast-paced BabyCenter way that’s both friendly, and fun.

2 thoughts on “BabyCenter Blogs

  1. We are currently private beta testing a new baby-oriented blogging/journal site as well. MyBabOurBaby is based on a (very!) modified WordPress MU core, using an integrated install of bbPress for the forums.

    Our “Admin Panel” is completely custom, and we have a very modified posting flow system in particular. We’re also introducing a bunch of custom themes with a very “baby/child” feel to them which users can switch between with a single click.

    Registrations will be open to the public within a few days, so keep an eye out!

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