NYTIMES.com: Blog Helps a Yankee Connect With Fans

Great story in the New York Times yesterday about Phil Hughes and his WordPress.com blog philhughes.wordpress.com :

Hughes has seen a lot on his Web site, philhughes.wordpress.com, since starting it Jan. 16. Through Monday afternoon, the site had attracted more than 340,000 visitors from six continents.

Hughes has posted entries on 27 of the first 41 days, offering contests, chats, song lists and the occasional cellphone picture — an alligator on a golf course, Ian Kennedy’s changeup grip, buckets of fan mail in the clubhouse.

Be sure to check out philhughes.wordpress.com and for you Redsox fans, Curt Schilling’s Official Blog 38pitches.com is also hosted at WordPress.com.

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