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A few weeks ago we mentioned that Sony had contributed WordPress plugins to the community which they had originally developed for the official PlayStation.Blog.

A few more details about these plugins and the overall project were just posted by cnp_studioVoce Communications, the very talented lead development firm that built the PlayStation blog:
Screen Shot of PlayStation Blog

A few highlights from this innovative project include :

Plugins We Used

The great thing about WordPress and the community behind it is that in most instances if you want to do something, someone has already created a plugin for that. In our case we have quite a few plugins at work on the PS Blog including:

* Audio Player – Enjoy those soundtrack posts
* WordPress Download Monitor – Helps us track the number of downloads on the PS Blog Widgets.


Plugins We Developed

Sometimes you need something and there isn’t a plugin for it. No problem, you develop a plugin to fill that need. What’s really great is when you have a group like the guys at Sony Computer Entertainment America (SCEA) who want to contribute back to the WordPress community and then release these plugins back for others:

Lots of other good info to digest – so I highly recommend heading over to the cnp_studio blog to read the full details.

[Visit cnp_studio_blog]

11 thoughts on “Sony PlayStation Blog Powered by WordPress

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  2. I think that that is great. I love the PS3 (much better than the xbox). I have played sony gamesystems for years. Keep up the good work sony.


  3. According to me SONY is the most trustable company that releases the most useful products to customers – again they have proved it by providing such a good plugin to WP. Hats off to you SONY !!!

    • I would think sony allows it. If anything it’ll only help out the company’s image. One good way to raise their vibrations in the work place eh? hehehe

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