NYT talks about The Page

This New York Times article gives some interesting background on The Page, A Time Inc site that’s run by Mark Halperin and provides real-time politics and election coverage. The Page has rapidly gained a very large readership since it’s launch 6 months ago. What’s interesting from a WordPress point of view is that even though The Page is tightly integrated into the main Time.com site, it’s actually 100% WordPress based and hosted as part of the WordPress.com VIP program.

7 thoughts on “NYT talks about The Page

  1. Question: How do you setup the name, e-mail, and website fields in a row like this in your comment section? Every other WordPress theme has them stacked on top of each other, which wastes space.

  2. For the benefit of anyone else who might wonder, the comment form’s really simple — we just put the three text fields into a table and gave the three TDs equal widths. The same thing can be accomplished with floats, but I wanted the form’s structure to stay intact in the case of a user browsing without stylesheets.

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