Martha Stewart Selects WordPress

The high-profile Martha Stewart blog, The Martha Blog, has switched from Six Apart’s Typepad service to using WordPress.

On her blog, Martha explains her decision:

In order to have a blog, you need to enlist a blogging platform, which supplies all the necessary tools for getting your photos and text onto the Internet.   As my blog has grown in popularity, we realized we were ready to switch to a platform offering more programming options.  After careful research, that new platform will be WordPress

Of note, Martha’s former colleague, Margaret Roach,  also launched her very successful blog on WordPress, A Way to Garden.

[Visit The Martha Blog ]

2 thoughts on “Martha Stewart Selects WordPress

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  2. Is there a good, step by step tutorial to aid leaving TypePad for self hosted WP? I want to leave but after a few years of blogging have achieved decent performance w/Google. My fear is giving all this up.

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