People’s Choice Awards Selects VIP

Last night, the 2009 People’s Choice Awards, hosted by Queen Latifah, featured a Live Blog powered by VIP :


Specifically designed for live events, this blog uses an innovative WordPress theme with AJAX updates.   Developed by Crowd Favorite, the theme allows for rapid-fire postings by the bloggers with a user-friendly mechanism which alerts readers when new content is live (see screenshot above).

Congrats to Hooshere Bezdikian and the whole team at the People’s Choice Awards for an all around amazing event.

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5 thoughts on “People’s Choice Awards Selects VIP

  1. That is awesome, I didn’t watch it but I’m thrilled to read this. WordPress is just exploding right now, and I’m so excited to be a part of it. If you look at the wordpress trends as far as job demand in 2008. I couldn’t believe that it increased by 4 times what it was from the year before. That’s incredible and inspiring, especially in this economy.

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