oDesk Reports “WordPress” Fastest Growing In-Demand Skill in 2008

Thanks to Becca for sending in word that oDesk, “an online staffing marketplace and management platform”, reported the other day on the fastest growing set of skills that are in demand on the oDesk platform.  Based on job/project listings WordPress came out on top with a 427% increase since last year :

The numbers in the table below show the number of job postings on oDesk in which the skills were listed as “required,” and their relative increase from the end of 2007 to the end of 2008. You will notice some variance in the numbers between the table and the charts below as the numbers on the charts show keyword mentions in the job post titles, not required skills.

Skill/Experience Openings Last 60 Days 2007 Openings Last 60 Days 2008 Change
WordPress 37 195 427.0%
Writing* 32 138 331.3%
Excel* 30 118 293.3%
SEO 73 250 242.5%
XHTML 24 61 154.2%
Linux 23 58 152.2%
Drupal 70 169 141.4%
Joomla 157 352 124.2%
CSS 119 250 110.1%
Graphic Design* 20 42 110.0%

*Because writing, graphic design, and excel have small starting points, we believe their change reflects oDesk growth, not a general trend.

The growth in WordPress demand on oDesk has been steady throughout 2008:odesk-wordpress

If you are looking for WordPress help on projects, in addition to the resources we’ve listed here, oDesk is a great place to check-out as it currently has over 2700 WordPress developers listed in their system.

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20 thoughts on “oDesk Reports “WordPress” Fastest Growing In-Demand Skill in 2008

  1. I think your title is misleading. The figures say to me that Joomla is the ‘most in demand skill in 2008’, although WordPress has the ‘fastest growing demand.’ WordPress has 55% of the demand that Joomla has. Still, the growth is very impressive 🙂

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  3. I think they may be measuring ‘fastest growing’ as a metric of vertical growth in a horizontally defined period. Like how CBS News says they’re the “fastest growing TV news network.”

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  6. Definitely good news, I’m just hoping that the trend will continue. A higher demand for people with WordPress skills is something I’d really like to see.

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