Platinum Games Selects VIP

Platinum Games Inc, an independent video game development studio based in Japan,  has selected VIP:


This innovative site was designed and developed by cnp_studio, and utilizes the new HD video solution.  Platinum Games took advantage of the video solution’s age verification feature,  which can be seen in action below for their highly anticipated Wii game — MadWorld:

This site is also an example of fast growing trend in using WordPress as a full site CMS.  As cnp_studio points out:

The site showcases what WordPress can do not only for maintaining a blog, but an entire Web site. The management of everything including pages, posts, sidebars and features is handled through the WordPress administration.

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5 thoughts on “Platinum Games Selects VIP

    1. @Tommy —

      The forum is hosted elsewhere — not on our VIP grid. But for more details on their selection I’m sure someone from Platinum Games or cnp_studio can provide more info.

  1. @Tommy – The forums were already set in place from Sega (the publisher of the MadWorld and Bayonetta games) before development of the PlatinumGames site began. Sega had the vBulletin system in place that PG could tap into which reduced the amount of support and upfront development costs needed from PG’s end. They even allowed some flexibility in skinning the forums which was nice to keep the experience consistent.

    bbPress would have been an awesome fit for this, but given what was already in place it just made sense to use what was already available.

  2. I think the website is very well produced, it looks great, given that alot of other wordpress or other gaming websites I have come accross feature little more than generic layouts, that have not been thought out well, this one however seems very appealing.

    One more thing, the Date.Of.Birth selection screen is, I have always thought pretty pointless. Children can easily lie, although this is obviosly a legal requirement for the website?

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