StockTwits on WordPress

Howard Lindzon has announced that StockTwits will now be using WordPress for their platform expansion:

Today at Stocktwits we are launching our new blog and our plans for expansion using the great WordPress platform . I am so excited to have Brian Shannon and Upside Trader as our first premium writers. More special is the fact that they are investors in Stocktwits as well and are so enthusiastic about the community.

They make money for their readers and pretty much that’s all that matters. The fact that they love social media and the new tools of the web and we can give them all that on WordPress just makes it better.

The official post adds:

We believe that WordPress offers a revolutionary publishing platform which will play a critical role in the expression and sharing of information today and going forward and we intend to be there innovating and getting great voices heard.

You can read the full announcement post on

1 thought on “StockTwits on WordPress

  1. Unfortunately, Twitter still uses blogger as their platform. I hate their blog theme. It does not have the looks that a big, famous internet company should have.

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