Brazil’s Culture Ministry Selects BuddyPress

Thanks Cátia Kitahara for lettings us know about a new BuddyPress site which is being used to enable and foster debate about various aspects of today’s digital life in Brazil. Built by the Brazilian Culture Ministry, the beta site is now live at

The site describes itself as “an open public space destined to democratically create and build a public policy of digital culture, integrating citizens, government institutions, state companies, civil society and the market.” Making use of all the “Facebook-in-a-box” features of BuddyPress, this site is off to a great start and could be a model for other organizations and companies looking to build this kind of community engagement and interaction.

[Visit ]

13 thoughts on “Brazil’s Culture Ministry Selects BuddyPress

  1. The Brazilian government is showing the world that true democracy starts with changes within, not by copying somebody else’s model.

    This is an innovation that will change social politics throughout the world, mark my words…

    Remember when Brazilian government decided on fuel alternative in the ’70s and everyone thought it was a joke? (I was too young to remember, but I read about it.) Nowadays big countries regret not having established their own alternative fuel programs – and now they copy Brazil’s model that was instituted almost 40 years ago!

    Way to Go Brazil!

  2. That’s great. I live in Brasil and we really need an official channel with government to talk about freedom of speech and privacy.

    Brasil is actually the second country in hurting liberty and privacy, our government was even able to force Google to share its users profile data, which not even China was able to do!

  3. It’s exciting to see the large development and popularity of buddyPress. With such a great platform – what else would we expect? Congratulations are also in order for Looking forward to seeing the growth!

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