8 thoughts on “After the Deadline

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  2. Bums me out that the plugin seems to only work in “visual” mode, and not the straight html mode. Some of us don’t use visual mode. Wonder if there’s any chance it will get modified to work there?

    Also, wondering if it will be updated to work for WordPress MU. Just installed it as a regular plugin on one of my MU setups but even in visual mode it was preventing the content in the edit box from showing.

    Double bummer!

    • Also noticed that it does not work in HTML view. I agree that they need to find a fix for this since a lot of us have disabled the visual editor for various reasons.

      Otherwise it’s an awesome feature!

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  4. Yes this is a great feature. They do have similar features for french as well but it would be cool to start something for Japanese or Chinese as well. I definitely would get involved in helping.

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