NASA Glenn Research Center WordPress Users Guide

NASA has been using WordPress for a few years now, and recently the NASA Glenn Research Center launched a resource guide for WordPress development:

The site’s goal is to be “the guide to implementing and using the WordPress Content Management System (CMS) with the NASA Web Accessible (CSS) template design on Glenn Research Center websites.”

With a strong emphasis on 508 accessibility compliance, it’s very impressive to see how NASA has built its own custom theme, and is successfully empowering its team to build feature-rich, accessible, and easy-to-maintain sites.


3 thoughts on “NASA Glenn Research Center WordPress Users Guide

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    • The NASA Glenn Research Center WordPress Users Guide is intended specifically for users who publish using WordPress at NASA Glenn Research Center (and other NASA Centers who might wish to use it).

      We’ve made the site external (public) to share and validate — with fellow WordPress users and the public — our knowledge and experience of using WordPress as a CMS.

      The main NASA (, NASA Glenn ( and other NASA Center sites use a portal content system developed specifically for NASA.

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