How-to: Nginx as a front-end proxy cache for WordPress

From Harvard Law’s Dan Collis-Puro, a how-to on optimizing your WordPress MU install, using Nginx as a front-end proxy cache for WordPress:

We put an nginx caching proxy server in front of our wordpress mu install and sped it up dramatically – in some cases a thousandfold. I’ve packaged up a plugin, along with installation instructions here – WordPress Nginx proxy cache integrator.

You can read the full details on Dan’s blog and grab the plugin from the plugin directory.

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6 thoughts on “How-to: Nginx as a front-end proxy cache for WordPress

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  2. Awesome! Thanks for the link 🙂 There isn’t a lot of information available about this sort of things. For whatever reason people seem to set it up, but never bother publishing how they did it or what the best route to doing it is 😦

  3. Hi There,
    Just wanted to let you know I just configured nginx as a caching proxy in front of WP (also running on nginx). I did this primarily because I found the WP-Supercache plugin to be tempremental with nginx.
    So, my current setup provides front end cachine and back end service on the once nginx instance, which seems to work better than I would have thought

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