PixoPoint: WordPress.com For a Full Site

Really interesting case study posted by Ryan Hellyer of PixoPoint on how his firm, using CSS and a couple of upgrades, built a full site on WordPress.com for the Red Devils of the New Zealand Ice Hockey League:

Ryan described the initial scope:

Their original site consisted of hard coded .html files as a simple static site. Our initial suggestion of a full-custom designed and coded, hosted WordPress installation was beyond their budget, so we suggested an alternative which has slashed their costs considerably yet allowed them to create their own WordPress powered site with a design which matches their branding and includes all of the functionality they requested, including a contact form, email subscriptions for news posts, no commenting functionality (they didn’t want a traditional blog) and the ability to add photo galleries and videos


Traditionally WordPress.com has only been suggested as a low-budget option for those who can’t afford to upgrade to “proper” hosted setup, however for the Red Devils, we were able to meet all of their requirements without losing anything that they required in their site. We were also able to integrate their teams branding into an existing theme very quickly through some simple CSS upgrades.

[ Read the full case study on PixoPoint.com ]

10 thoughts on “PixoPoint: WordPress.com For a Full Site

    1. Thanks for pointing out that isn't changed. I'll change that once I discuss with them what they want as their favicon.

  1. Thanks for reviewing our blog post 🙂

    I hope to do more work in this area. WordPress.com is a terrific service for developing websites on.

  2. Did you realize that Ford is doing this with many of their production sites already? There are numerous examples of very large, well funded corporations using Word Press as a full featured Content Management System (traditional type web site using Word Press), as opposed to a blog. I am currently recommending Word Press to any client interested in an ehanced web site that is very easy to update and modify content for.

  3. Thanks for the link showcasing wordpress.com production sites. I have always thought WordPress would move closer and closer to replacing many traditional type websites.

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