Japanese Pop Culture Space NEW PEOPLE Chooses WordPress

NEW PEOPLE is less a retail space than an embassy for Japanese pop culture in the US, showcasing the latest live action and anime films, manga, Japanese art, food, music, and fashion in its San Francisco-based three storey space.


So it’s awesome to see that the clean, minimal style of the building itself is mirrored in a beautifully designed WordPress-powered website that shows off everything they have to offer:


The design itself — created by btrax for publishing powerhouse and owners VIZ Pictures — doesn’t just mirror the clean good looks of the store, but also makes use of an interesting floor-based navigation system, virtually guiding site visitors through the different offerings found in the real-life version of the NEW PEOPLE space:

NEWPEOPLE Navigation
The roll-out floor-by-floor navigation

The site nicely shows off the CMS and rich-media capabilities of WordPress with lots of video, photo galleries and other rich media content in keeping with the culture, retail, cinema and eating experiences of the space.

Be sure to check out the website, or, if you find yourself in San Francisco’s Japan Town, the store itself.

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