Elance: WordPress #2 for Top Overall Skills in Demand

Elance’s 2010 Q4 Online Employment Report catapults WordPress into the #2 spot for Top Overall Skills in Demand. WordPress has made a steady climb in the Skills in Demand ranking, listed as #13 in May 2009 and #6 in September 2010.

“A number of popular open-source platforms like Drupal and Joomla! are available for online content, but over the course of 2010, WordPress appears to have moved from top contender to top choice: Demand for WordPress experts rose an impressive 15% quarter-over-quarter, moving up three highly coveted spots to #2, trailing only behind PHP programmers. This marks the first time that any content management system has moved into the top three skills in demand by businesses, solidifying it as the undisputed champ of content, for now.”

[Read more in Elance’s Online Employment Report]

7 thoughts on “Elance: WordPress #2 for Top Overall Skills in Demand

  1. And all this time I've been touting that Bachelor of Fine Arts I spent 4 years on. I'm not even sure WordPress is in the skills section of my resume.

  2. Demand for WordPress is not going to slow down at any time. So, this report just confirms that. 🙂

  3. It will be interesting to see how this translates into the UK job market over the next six months. As exclusive WordPress developers, we have been disappointed of late to not see a greater surge in WP dev as a skill in demand. A lot of companies are favouring in-house systems as well as an increase in the number citing Umbraco as a CMS of choice.

  4. Its great that WordPress is getting this kind of recognition! Its such a super platform but needs more visibility among non technocrats.

  5. Does the report specify which of the skills of WordPress is in demand the most? I mean designing or WordPress PHP coding.

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