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Bangor Daily News: A complete publishing system on WordPress

Check out the inspiring and detailed story about Bangor Daily News switching to a publishing system powered by WordPress and Google Docs, on Media Bistro. There’s also a screencast which outlines their new editorial workflow and a list of all the plugins you can install to run your own news site with WordPress (emphasis ours):

The Bangor Daily News announced this week that it completed its full transition to open source blogging software, WordPress. And get this: The workflow integrates seamlessly with InDesign, meaning the paper now has one content management system for both its web and print operations. And if you’re auspicious enough, you can do it too — he’s open-sourced all the code!

Rather than having to pay a licensing fee to a company that runs your content management system, what The BDN has set up is essentially free to run. Of course, there were upfront costs involved with paying freelancers to help write the plugins, and each month the website has to pay hosting fees, but the rest of the tools they use are free for everyone. WordPress is open source software that anyone can download and use. Google Docs is also a free product if your organization is small enough. [Media Bistro]

We also had a chance to speak with William Davis, part of the Bangor Daily News team who led the integration who told us more about their decision to use WordPress:

“We looked at several solutions, including proprietary hosted solutions, but we quickly decided they wouldn’t offer the flexibility we needed. We didn’t want to have to wait around for a corporation to develop any features we needed. We wanted to be able to get into the guts of our website if we needed to,” Davis said. “We’re growing quickly online, so we wanted a platform that allowed us to develop and deploy easily and with speed.”

Through a series of plugins they developed specifically for their news site, and utilizing a few from the WordPress community, Bangor Daily News extended WordPress to do exactly what they needed it to do.

“To us, that’s the beauty of WordPress: It’s more easily extendable than any other CMS. In nine months I haven’t hacked core once except to apply patches,” said Davis.

Some of those plugins include, in Davis’ words:

The changes to Bangor Daily News’ editorial workflow have been immediate and dramatic, but they have also seen an increase in productivity regarding their development cycle, and their site has benefited with an increase in traffic, too.

“We started rolling things out in earnest in January, and the change has been dramatic. With one workflow with WordPress at the center we’ve cut down handling times for articles dramatically — we’re now able to get the news out faster than ever before. We’ve also seen a nice jump in search engine traffic thanks to more advanced URLs. Our build times are now down dramatically, as well — we can develop or patch features as quickly as they need to be addressed. The speed at which we break news requires a nimble API to develop with, and we’ve already been able to put it to the test, to great results.”

They were also able to take advantage of WordPress’ APIs to integrate everything and even publish back to the print version in InDesign, creating a truly seamless publishing system.

“I’m proud of how deeply we’ve integrated WordPress into everything we do. Our stories start in Google Docs, where our reporters write and our editors edit. Those are seamlessly and automatically moved to WordPress when they’re ready to be published — no more copying and pasting. We also use XML-RPC to easily find and bring content onto the print page in InDesign. We custom-built an InDesign plugin to accomplish that.”

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