Animal Politico : WordPress Publisher Spotlight

Reflection Media, a small web-design and development firm with a focus on WordPress Custom Solutions, was hired to implement the design and structure of the portal. They answered a few questions about Animal Politico and WordPress.

Tell us about the site:
Animal Politico is a Mexican political portal. It’s only available online and is powered almost entirely by WordPress. Since its launch last Autumn, there are over 5000 articles and 44 sub-blogs out of which 3 sub-blogs are used as sort of a discussion forum.

Other features include:

  • Facebook connect for subscribers – only logged-in users can post comments
  • Custom profile fields for users like date of birth, education level, etc.
  • Custom taxonomies are used for home-page positioning of articles
  • Ajax powered photo-galleries and video-galleries
  • MailChimp integration – sending newsletters directly from the WP admin panel.

What publishing challenges did WordPress help Animal Politico address?
I think what was most needed by the editors was flexibility to post, sort and prioritize news articles. With the help of custom taxonomies and a few custom meta-boxes we were able to offer them just that without any problems. Price was also an issue and choosing WordPress as our platform considerably reduced the development expenses.

What are your (development) team’s favorite WordPress features?
I think the flexibility we get from the hooks and filters system is what we love most. It provides almost unlimited flexibility without disrupting the update path.

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  1. The web development portion of our business has been built using WordPress as a foundation. Our clients appreciate the flexibility in editing and the instant gratification that comes from publishing their own updates.

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