Now Live: Official Facebook Plugin for WordPress and VIP

Facebook just announced their first official plugin for WordPress:

Starting today WordPress publishers can easily integrate Facebook features, such as social publishing and mentions, through the new Facebook for WordPress plugin.

The plugin was built by Facebook engineers in collaboration with open source partners, and makes it simple for anyone to make their WordPress site more social – no coding required. The plugin will also work on mobile and support internationalization.

The plugin is built-in to our VIP platform and can be seamlessly enabled on any VIP site. It’s also available for download for self-hosted WordPress sites as well.

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10 thoughts on “Now Live: Official Facebook Plugin for WordPress and VIP

  1. I was hoping an official plugin from Facebook would include support for importing content into Facebook from WordPress. What are the best plugin for self-hosted people that don’t have the fantastic integration that includes with your Publicize feature, as Facebook seems to have phased out importing a feed.

  2. The new plugin does allow you to import your posts to your profile or page. I’ve been using it all afternoon on my blog and am pretty impressed.

    1. Thanks for the follow up, Brandon. Lloyd, if that’s the feature you’re looking for, it’s already in the plugin (under Social Publishing on the Settings page).

  3. That’s great, we were expecting such type of plugin for facebook that connect our post to facebook. 🙂

    Happy to know.

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