A New Plugin Directory with New and Updated Plugins

It’s a new year, and we have a new VIP Plugin Directory for you to explore. Because we know you’re busy, here’s a curated list of new and updated plugins for you to check out.

Column Shortcodes

Sometimes you just need to divide your page into different columns. With this plugin, you simply select a column shortcode and it will add the column to the page.

Document Feedback

Document Feedback helps close the loop between documentation writers and readers by appending a simple feedback form to Pages (or other post types that you specify). Readers are asked whether the document answered their question or not.

Taxonomy List Widget

This plugin creates a list (bulleted, number, or custom) of non-hierarchical taxonomies as an alternative to the tag cloud. Numerous formatting options are provided, including maximum numbers of terms, term order, truncating of term names, and more. List styles are fully customizable, with built-in support for bulleted lists and numbered lists.

NBCS Advanced Blacklist

Handmade by the VIP Community! By NBC Sports

This plugin adds two new blacklists to WordPress’s blacklist feature: one which blacklists only complete words in comment content, and another which will be checked only against usernames, e-mail addresses, user sites, and IP addresses (but not comment content). In addition, the plugin features a user-friendly interface allowing administrators to see exactly what effect each blacklist would have if a given term were added to it.

Updated Plugins:

  • SEO Auto Linker helps you automatically add links into your content. The latest updates include support for nofollowing links, the option to use unicode word boundaries, and a few bug and performance updates.
  • WP Help allows site operators to make documentation for the site’s authors and editors, viewable in the WordPress admin. The latest update includes drag-and-drop reordering of the documents list.
  • Safe Redirect Manager lets you safely and easily manage your website’s HTTP redirects. The latest updates include the ability to bulk delete redirects from the manage redirects screen, and wp-cli coverage including subcommands for creating, deleting, and listing redirects, and importing .htaccess files.
  • EditFlow introduces editorial team collaboration tools to WordPress. The latest update includes “scheduled” as a status you can see in “Posts At a Glance,” and a few bug fixes.
  • Co-Authors Plus assigns multiple bylines to WordPress content. The latest update allows you to add your own columns to the guest authors table, and includes a few bug fixes.
  • Ad Code Manager allows you to manage ad codes through the WordPress admin in a safe and easy way. The latest update allows you to set operator logic for conditionals on a code by code basis.
  • Add Meta Tags automatically adds HTML meta tags to your site. The latest update added compatibility support for Yoast meta keys, Google News support (contributed by VIP Metro UK), and new filters (contributed by VIP BGR).
  • Uppsite helps convert your website into an application for smartphones with just one click of a button. The latest updates include improved support for galleries, media, and other customization options.

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