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Recap: Editorial Tools Demo

Thanks to everyone who attended Friday’s VIP Editorial Tools demo!

Here’s an outline of the demo, and for anyone who missed it, you can watch a video of the presentation here:

I wanted to clarify a couple of things that came up during the demo.

First, a couple of you asked about distributing the post-by-email email address to your staff. This email address is specific to your user account, and all of your other blog users, no matter what their user role is, can create their own post-by-email secret address. Emailed posts by users in the Contributor user role will always be saved as pending rather than published.

Secondly, one of you asked if all users could see the post revisions. All administrators and editors can see all post revisions. Authors can see post revisions for any post they have authored (which are the only posts they’re able to view in the Dashboard). Contributors cannot see revisions.

Thanks for the great questions!

As a reminder, here are the links I shared during the demo and support documentation for each feature discussed:

We’ll be doing an online demo on editorial plugins in the near future, so watch this blog for that announcement. If you have feedback for us on the demo, or if there are topics you’d like to be covered in this way in future, let us know!