Big Media WordPress Meetup: Code Review for Teams

We’re continuing to post the presentations from our recent WordPress Big Media Meetup in New York City. Today, a presentation and discussion on Code Review, lead by Mo Jangda from VIP. 



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One thought on “Big Media WordPress Meetup: Code Review for Teams

  1. We’ve tried a bunch of code review tools.
    GitHub had the best combination of price (free / included in your repo cost), ease of use, and functionality.
    Our code repos are in BitBucket (better pricing than GitHub), its code review tools are very similar to GitHub’s, but not quite there yet, we couldn’t use them in day-to-day work.
    Stuff like Gerrit, Phabricator, etc, are just way too clunky.
    We ended up on Crucible, which is pretty much the perfect code review tool. Cheap for small teams (5 users), but really really pricy after that.

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