VIP Developer Orientation Slides & Video

For a few months now we’ve been hosting live VIP Developer Orientations for new client & partner developers and team members. During the call, we introduce them to the whys of the VIP platform, how we can work together as a strategic partner and collaborative colleague, what the code review & deploy process looks like, and we highlight some tools which will be essential to developing and debugging scalable and secure WordPress sites.

We recorded the last Developer Orientation this past week and we’d like to make it available for any developers or project owners who are curious about how VIP works and how they can get a jumpstart on their projects by getting better acquainted with our documentation, workflow, and best practices. At the end we segued into a Town Hall where current clients can hear what’s coming up and they can ask questions as well.

We’ve embedded the Developer Orientation presentation into the VIP site so you can view it on your own — there are links to some resources at the end which you’ll want to click through & check out. Below, we’ve embedded the video of the orientation and the audio of one of our VIP engineers walking everyone through the material, including some questions at the end.

For the best experience, we recommend you open the presentation in one tab, and have the video walkthrough running in another tab, so you can hear the commentary while you browse and click around.

Open the Developer Orientation slides in another tab.

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