GitHub Code Review Comes to VIP Go

On our containerized managed platform, VIP Go, the platform team has been experimenting with and refining one of the most valuable parts of our service: code review. Code review does lots of things for our clients. It gives developers confidence that their code will run at scale, that they’re not adding any unanticipated technical debt, […]

How to install PHP CodeSniffer for VIP

Did you know that you could get much of the feedback given by the VIP team shown to you in real-time, as you code? PHP CodeSniffer (aka PHPCS) is a tool that will help you write VIP approved code by ensuring it meets VIP coding standard. Many IDEs and text editors (e.g. PHPStorm, Sublime Text, […]

Code Review: Blockers, Warnings, and Notices

Every line of code that is committed to VIP Go is reviewed by the VIP Team. We don’t do in-depth code reviews to add more time to or delay your launch schedules. We do these lengthy code reviews to help you launch successfully. The goal of our reviews is to make sure that on launch, your site will […]

VIP Code Review

What is a code review? Every line of code that is committed to VIP Go is reviewed by the VIP Team. The goal of our reviews is to make sure that on your launch, your site will be: Secure, because pushing a site live with insecure code presents a liability to you and your whole userbase; Performant, […]

Understanding your VIP Go codebase

On the VIP Go platform, the codebase essentially consists of core WordPress. In fact, the only modifications made are via a handful of mu-plugins that are available via GitHub. All other custom code will be your own and committed to your Git repository. When developing your site, it is vital that you use the same mu-plugins in […]

Accessing your code

Your site’s code will live within a repository (repo) in the VIP GitHub organization, which will be created when you get started on VIP Go. By default this repository will be private, but can be public if required. There is no limit to how many GitHub users from your organization, development team, and any […]

Improving Collaboration and Code Quality with Peer Code Review

High standards for code quality can be easy to maintain with a small team. But as Matt Boynes, a partner at VIP Featured Partner agency Alley Interactive, found out, code quality was difficult to scale as his team grew in size. He set out to solve this by instituting peer code reviews. Every single line of code would […]

Encode values passed to add_query_arg

Add_query_arg() is a really useful function, but it might not work as you thought it did. If one does: You would expect the url to be: admin.php?action=delete&post_id=321&somevalue%26post_id%3D123 But in fact it becomes: admin.php?action=delete&post_id=321&somevalue&post_id=123 Your URL has now been hijacked and you will be deleting post 123 instead of 321. To protect against this use rawurlencode() so […]

Have some Shortcake – the plugin which makes shortcodes a piece of cake

Shortcodes can be a useful way of defining complex HTML elements within the WordPress editing window. But as Matthew Haines-Young, senior engineer at VIP Featured Partner agency Human Made, told the London Big Media & Enterprise Meetup, ‘everybody hates them.’ His solution is Shortcake, a plugin developed as part of Human Made’s work with the US media company […]

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