Code Review

What is a code review? Every line of code that is committed to VIP is reviewed by the VIP Team. We don’t do in-depth […]

Best Practices Introduction

As you know from Getting Started, in order to keep the environment safe and performing to your high standards, we review in detail all […]

Security Overview

The security of your content and the platform are matters that we take very seriously. This page provides a few notes on security at […]

Database Queries

As mentioned in the Best Practices Introduction, you should try and avoid direct database queries wherever possible and rely on WordPress API functions for fetching and […]


Tips and best practices for incorporating JavaScript files into your site: Use wp_register_script() and wp_enqueue_script() to initialize your Javascript files. This ensures compatibility with other plugins and […]

Manipulating Images automatically handles images in ways that should help minimize the need to manually perform image resizing, cropping, and optimization: For high-DPI (aka Retina) devices, we automatically […]


Site speed is essential to a great web experience. employs multiple levels of caching automatically. Full page cache: using the Batcache plugin, this caches […]

Altering Feeds

You may want to provide a custom RSS feed, or alter the content of an existing feed. The following examples show how easily this can […]