For security, only certain HTML tags are allowed in content and widgets on However, with our Protected Embeds feature for VIPs, you are able to include iframes, objects and scripts. In addition, VIP Partners can create customized shortcodes – a type of placeholder tag that can optionally accept arguments. For example, say you want to embed […]

KQED Publishes at the Speed of News with WordPress

“Usually it takes longer to agree on a logo than it does to make a new WordPress site.” – Kevin Cooke, KQED Public Media, one of the largest PBS and NPR stations in the US, is probably most recognized by its public in the San Francisco Bay area as 88.5FM and by channel 9, […]

Using A Shared/Common Theme Across Multiple Sites

Do you have multiple themes that are basically the same? Right now if you want to make a change to all of your sites, you likely have to commit the same code to each theme repository. This is time-consuming and requires more effort on both your and our part. By using a shared theme, changes […]

Cheezburger Network Open Sources Their WordPress Administration Panel VIP Cheezburger Network, where you get your daily LOLz from one of their 50 popular sites like I Can Haz Cheezburger? and FAIL Blog, have shared the code of their WordPress theme administration panels. Called CheezCap, it’s a simple library for easily creating custom admin panels. Cheezburger Network uses a single shared theme across […]

WordPress Coding Standards

Please follow the WordPress Coding Standards before submitting your code for review. This includes things such as using underscores instead of camelCase in function names, and dashes instead of underscores in all filenames.

Twitter and

Twitter can be integrated in multiple ways with your VIP site: Pushing out content updates. Integrating Twitter updates in your site’s theme. Providing your users a quick way to Tweet/share your site’s content. Publicize In addition to sending your content updates to Facebook and Yahoo!, the Publicize feature also supports Twitter updates. […]

Options Size Limit (1MB)

On, options are cached in memory to avoid database lookups, which speed things up. This is only effective if the cached object is kept small. Once the object reaches a certain limit (1MB) it will no longer cache and requests are sent to the database servers, which, depending on the traffic of the site, can cause […]

Use current_time(), not date_default_timezone_set()

Use WordPress’s if you need to get a time that’s adjusted for the site’s timezone setting in the admin area. If you need to work with the timezone offset: Please don’t use date_default_timezone_set(). The timezone in PHP needs to stay GMT+0 as that’s what WordPress expects it to be. Stats and other features are […]

Custom User Roles

Sometimes the default roles and capabilities aren’t exactly what you need for your site. If you need to create new roles or modify existing ones, we have a bunch of helper functions to assist you in doing this. Please use these functions rather than the traditional methods as this will ensure that your code works […]

Powered By VIP

As a member of VIP, your theme should have a “Powered by VIP” link displayed. Most people put this link in the footer of their website. Rather than hardcoding this link, we would prefer if you used existing helper functions to do it. This makes it much easier to maintain the link’s URL and […]

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