The Code: Guidelines for VIP Developers

At VIP, we feel very privileged to work with some of the best developers on some of the world’s biggest sites. It’s a small community of smart people who get to build some amazing technology. As a developer working on VIP, I will: Never stop learning. Not be afraid to ask questions. Be […]

Big Media WordPress Meetup: Code Review for Teams

We’re continuing to post the presentations from our recent WordPress Big Media Meetup in New York City. Today, a presentation and discussion on Code Review, lead by Mo Jangda from VIP.    To see the presentations from previous Big Media WordPress Meetups, click here.

Code Review: What We Look For

Every line of code that is committed to VIP is reviewed by the VIP Team. We don’t do in-depth code reviews to add more time to or delay your launch schedules. We do these lengthy code reviews to help you launch successfully. The goal of our reviews is to make sure that on launch, your […]

Code For The People: How Media Explorer Was Made

With the new Media Explorer plugin, you can now search for tweets and videos on Twitter and YouTube directly from the Add Media screen in WordPress. Media Explorer is a joint project by VIP and Code For The People (a VIP Featured Partner). In this post, CFTP’s John Blackbourn shares the technical and user experience decisions that […]

Ad Code Manager v0.4: Easier Configuration for Google AdSense and Doubleclick For Publishers Async

Ad Code Manager is a plugin designed to help you deal with ad codes, those short snippets of Javascript used to display advertisements on your website. Yesterday, Rinat Khaziev of Doejo, Jeremy Felt of 10up, and I released version 0.4. This release incorporates the following: Streamlined configuration for Doubleclick for Publishers Async and Google AdSense. Check out the configuration […]

Configure Ad Code Manager to manage the advertisements on your site

Ad Code Manager is a VIP-sponsored plugin designed to make it easier to manage the ad codes used to display advertisements on your site. There’s a little bit of work you’ll need to do up front, however, in order to integrate Ad Code Manager with your theme. Note: Enterprise users should contact support and […]

New Plugin: Comprehensive Sitemaps

We’re excited to announce the availability of a new plugin for VIPs: Comprehensive Sitemaps. All sites come with XML sitemaps built-in. These files are automatically generated, cached for a 24-hour period, and updated whenever a post is published, updated, or deleted—however, they are also limited to the 1,000 most recent posts. With Comprehensive […] VIP Training Days in New York, February 2014

The next VIP Training Days, our one-day intensive courses held in-person, will be in New York City in February 2014. The courses will focus on small groups of students with hands-on material led by several Automattic and VIP instructors. The course will be very interactive and full of practical information & exercises, and students […]

Comprehensive Sitemaps

Comprehensive sitemaps for your VIP site.

Big Media WordPress Meetup: How The Washington Post Uses WordPress

A huge thank you to everyone who attended our WordPress Big Media Meetup last Thursday, hosted at the Thunderdome HQ in New York City. We had a terrific lineup of speakers: Connor Jennings (The Washington Post): How The Washington Post Uses WordPress Helen Hou-Sandi (10up): Redefining Traditional Media Workflows in WordPress Mo Jangda ( VIP): Code Review for Teams Taylor Buley (Parade): […]

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