Becoming A Featured Partner

VIP’s Service and Technology Partners are the specialists and solutions we actively recommend to our clients, based on direct experience working with them.

Unlike many similar schemes in the technology business, the VIP Partner programs are kept deliberately small and highly selective. Our Partners have proven themselves as true experts, sharing our commitment to providing the most robust platform for the world’s most demanding WordPress projects.

Must I be a Partner to work with VIP?
No. We are happy to work with any agency, in-house team, or technology provider whose code meets our quality standards. About half our projects are produced by non-Partner agencies; and nearly every project uses a mix of Partner and non-Partner technologies.

Can I apply to become a VIP Partner?
No. There is no application process. We only consider companies as potential Partners after we have worked with them on a client project.

How can I work with VIP?
For agencies, you would bring a VIP-level client project to us; or you might win a contract with an existing VIP client. For technology companies, our clients act effectively as gatekeepers: If they implement your solution, it will come to our attention.

What does VIP look for in a Partner?
The decision whether or not to offer Partner status is entirely subjective, based on the experience of working with you. If your code is of consistently high quality, and if you engage positively with us and the client, we may choose to invite you to become a Partner.

How else can I build a profile in the WordPress space?
The best accreditation comes from building a good reputation within the WordPress community. Get involved in your local WordCamp as an attendee, a volunteer, a speaker, a sponsor, or an organizer. Share your work with the community by releasing plugins or posting useful code snippets. Or contribute to the open source project by helping with translations, reporting and patching bugs, and maybe even participating in core development.

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