Senior Visual Designer

We’re looking for an experienced Senior Visual Designer to join the VIP team as part of our growing design org. You’ll collaborate with our marketing and business development teams in our fully remote company to help our customers be more successful online and help make the web a better place.

We work with some of the biggest brands on the web, who are often pushing the limits of WordPress. We help our clients get the most out of WordPress, doing everything from providing guidance, to reviewing their code to ensure security and performance, to developing new tools to help improve our platform.

What you’ll be doing

Objective #1: Help shepherd and define the VIP brand through execution, education, and systematization.

  • Brand Leadership: Direct the development and execution of materials that carry the VIP brand. Help grow the visual direction for that brand as the company grows and enters new markets.
  • Marketing Design: Support the marketing department by crafting materials such as site pages, advertisements, event materials, email campaigns, editorial illustrations, and more. These materials never exist in a silo, set direction for how they might be used together to round out an audience’s journey.
  • Business Development Support: Partner with business development teammates to help create content, materials, and specialized tools used throughout the sales process and beyond.
  • Systems Thinking: Always be on the lookout for outputs that should be systematized. Find something repetitive, how might a tool, template, or documentation be used to make it easier for teammates to create their own materials?
  • Data Informed: Behind every project there should be a solid understanding of the customers and their workflows. Help advocate for customer research and even suggest data gathering efforts to ensure any design project stays informed, grounded, and purposeful.
  • Educate: Although many of the visual outputs for the company go through the design department, always look for ways to become less of a bottleneck. Help teach teammates about basic design principles and how to use the current brand direction efficiently.

Objective #2: Contribute to the design practices and community at Automattic.

  • Grow Our Design Community: Collaborate with other members of the design team by giving feedback to continually improve each other’s work, and the design process itself.
  • Evolve Our Design Process: Help improve our design system and process by actively connecting with other designers across the company.
  • Branding Advocate: Look for opportunities to contribute to and leverage the larger Automattic brand as it relates to its many services and products.

Have you done this before?

Do you have extensive experience turning research insights into marketing strategy and end-to-end experiences at scale?

If you’d like this to be your next challenge, send us your resume, a portfolio (if you have one), and answers to the following:

  • Tell us why you’d be a good fit for the role.
  • What is the visual design system accomplishment that you are most proud of?
  • Tell us about a time when something came up in research for that project that changed your early thoughts on how to approach the design.

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