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VIP Codebase

The VIP Codebase Explained

WordPress Core

A strong foundation on the open-sourced community project

WordPress Core is what we call the WordPress software.

It’s open-source, which means it’s developed by a community of developers around the world and new versions are released 3-4 times a year with new features and bug fixes.

WordPress Core Release Cycle

Betas → Release Candidates → Final Release

Core + More is the biggest WordPress site on the web, with millions of users. Engineers at Automattic have added hundreds of extra features on top of core WordPress that help with performance, SEO, security, social network integration, and more.

In addition,’s global, rock-solid infrastructure scales up effortlessly and invisibly, ready for high traffic at any time. VIP

Core + Features + More VIP lives on the infrastructure. In addition to the features made available on the platform for every user, the VIP team has vetted and built hundreds of additional features as plugins just for VIPs. VIP has a dedicated team of engineers and support staff whose sole objective is growing and maintaining the best cloud hosting platform for WordPress sites in the world. VIP is always running the latest version of WordPress, which means integrating new features and improvements as soon as they are available. VIP clients are always on the forefront of each new WordPress release and, in turn, this helps strengthen your site’s core experience as security and performance improvements are applied to your codebase seamlessly and behind-the-scenes.

Automattic is one of the largest contributors to the WordPress project, with 5% of the company dedicated full-time to core development. Often improvements made on and VIP can be contributed back to core.

Why does VIP love code reviews?

Did you know every line of code committed to VIP is reviewed by the VIP Team?

Behind every successful VIP launch is our team of expert engineers. When you launch with us, we become your sounding board for architectural decisions, and partners in deploying the most reliable, secure, and optimized website possible.

We provide extensive development support, including our thorough technical documentation and best practices, so your developers can improve every line of code they write, and become better WordPress developers.

We know success is in the details. Once you’ve tested your new code and submitted it, our team reviews it to keep your site secure and performant. Thorough examination of your code ensures a successful and uneventful launch (in a good way!) of a site ready to handle high traffic.

What type of code review does VIP do?

  1. Theme Review
: We offer a complete theme review, including plugins, for website launches or redesigns. Having a second pair of eyes on your code ensures your site is well-architected and secure.
  2. Plugin Review
: If you are using a plugin that falls outside of the hundreds of pre-vetted or VIP partner plugins, we review it for stability, performance, and security to make sure you’re only using best-of-breed plugins.
  3. Deploy Review
: Every new commit is reviewed to ensure it’s error-free before being deployed.

What does the code review process look like?

Good code is a best practice. That’s why we take the time to review it, from your initial theme review right through to your routine changes.

Once your code is prepared, tested, and ready to be reviewed, you can submit it to our engineers. We treat reviews as a collaborative process, and every issue we find is explained in detail, and comes with documentation and guidance to help you resolve the issues.

We believe perfecting your code before going to production is not only important for your site, but helpful in building up your WordPress knowledge. These detailed code reviews protect not only your new site, but help your developers build up expertise and teach them so that future sites are built and launched even faster.

Code review is a cornerstone of the VIP experience, and one of the secrets of your future site’s success.

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