Developer Orientation

Welcome to VIP! This orientation will provide you with all the tools you need to help you develop efficiently for VIP.

The orientation consists of watching an intro video, reading important documentation, and setting up a development environment.

Please start the orientation now:

1) Watch the Developer Orientation Video:

You can follow along with the slides here (with links to resources).

The Orientation Video is an overview of VIP (0:00-19:40):

0:18 Why use VIP? What’s the Advantage?
0:55 Difference between VIP and a normal WordPress Installation
1:38 Systems Team Assistance
2:10 How we work as a Partnership
2:55 Emergency Fixes:
4:17 Code Review Process
5:43 Launching a Theme
6:17 Underscores Theme
7:48 VIP Scanner
8:32 Launch Documentation
9:13 Development Environment QuickStart
10:08 Committing Code
11:11 Creating Good Changesets
13:31 Deploy Queue
13:36 VIP Support
18:17 Urgent Tickets

2) Please review the following VIP Documentation:

While this was introduced in the video, please read through the following important docs:

VIP Toolbox
This goes over how to use support, the VIP Dashboard, our documentation, plugins, development updates and news.

Code and Theme Review Process
This is an overview of how we review code and your theme. Here’s an additional list of common code review blockers.

Launch Checklist
This is a specific timeline of how we will begin the launch of your site.

3. Set up your Development Environment

Please use this guide to set up Quickstart.

**If you have any questions during Steps 1-3, please open up a Zendesk ticket with us and we’d be more than happy to help!

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