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The VIP Advantage

  • Always running the latest version of WP
  • Managed infrastructure and scaling
  • Unlimited Traffic, Bandwidth, and Storage
  • Curated list of managed plugins, including partnerships with Facebook, Janrain, Getty, JW Player, & many others VIP
!= just WordPress

  • More than 200+ features baked into the .com platform
  • Additional VIP-only plugins pre-vetted by the VIP team
  • Save development cycles & focus on your site’s unique features

A Strategic Partnership

  • Sounding board for architectural and project decisions
  • A skilled team of WordPress experts for issues & questions
  • Emergency fixes by the team in select cases
  • A second set of eyes on your code

Code Review

Code Review:

  • All code is reviewed for security, performance, and best practices
  • New themes are fully reviewed prior to enabling
  • Subsequent changes are reviewed commit by commit
  • CSS is auto-deployed

Your Development Environment

Code Review & Deploy:

  • Commits land in the deploy queue
  • Reviewed for potential problems, based on what we look for
  • Obvious / large problems == code reverted
  • Other problems = ticket
  • Otherwise, deploy
  • Large commits should be submitted as a patch to ZD

Getting the Most out of VIP Support

Useful tips for helpful support tickets:

  • Details, details, details
  • Clear reproduction steps
  • Screenshots and/or screencasts if possible
  • Environment (if relevant) – browser + version, OS

Ticket Priority
& Response Times:

  • Prioritize according to business needs
  • Most clients have 1 business-day response
  • Urgents: reserved for emergencies, such as site outages or severely broken sites

VIP Resources

VIP Resources

Code Review Links

Development Environment Links

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