A Quick Guide to Launching Your WordPress.com Enterprise Site

Ready to launch your WordPress.com Enterprise site? Here’s your launch checklist:

1. Get To Know WordPress

If your website authors are not familiar with WordPress, encourage them to get acquainted by visiting http://learn.wordpress.com/. There, you’ll find all the details on how to publish a post, how to add images and video, and even 10 Super Awesome Insider Tips. If you’re planning on uploading a lot of photographs, you may also want to learn more about Galleries on WordPress.

2. Change Your Privacy Settings

If you’re not ready to show the world your blog, you can set your blog to private, which means only users you choose can view your blog.

3. Customize Your Blog’s Appearance

Now it’s time to select a theme, which will provide the base design for your website. Since you are a WordPress.com Enterprise member, you not only have unlimited access to our premium themes, but you can also customize your themes with custom CSS and Javascript.

Also, did you know that you can create a static front page on WordPress.com? Take a look at these documents on Using WordPress.com to Create a Website and How To Set Up a Static Front Page.

4. Activate Your Plugins

You now also have access to the WordPress.com community plugins, which are all pre-approved and can be used immediately. To browse your plugin library, navigate to Plugins on your dashboard, and click “Activate” to add plugins to your site.

5. Import Content

Once you have your framework in place, you can start migrating content to your new WordPress site. You can do this by using our web importer, which can convert content from services such as Blogger and TypePad to WordPress.com. For imports larger than 15MB, please refer to our Migrating and Importing Content documentation.

6. Map To Your Domain

With WordPress.com Enterprise, you can either purchase a custom domain through WordPress.com, or point a domain you already own to your WordPress site. If you are using a domain you have already registered elsewhere, make sure to go to your registrar’s website and change your domain’s nameservers. It can take up to 72 ours for your nameservers to fully update. Once you’ve mapped your domain, go to your Store > Domains in your dashboard to add the domain and make it your primary domain.

7. Launch Your Site

Make your site public and spread the word. Congratulations on your new WordPress.com Enterprise website!

Need more? Here’s an index of WordPress.com Enterprise documentation.

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