Documentation Add custom author biographies with Post Author Box

Add custom author biographies with Post Author Box

The Post Author Box plugin allows you to append or prepend an informational box on any post, page, or other view without having to modify your theme. It has no opinions about what information is displayed or how it’s presented.

To activate Post Author Box, navigate to plugins in your dashboard and click “Activate.” Once this plugin is activated, you can edit the settings under Settings > Post Author Box.

Here, you can select whether you want the custom Author Bio to appear at the top or bottom of your content. You can also specify which content types you would like this custom bio to appear.

Under display configuration, you can customize your author bios using HTML. Simply use the tokens presented to fill in the author information. For example:

This display configuration:

<p>Contact %display_name% at <a href="mailto:%email%">%email%</a></p>

Displays as:
Contact Daniel Bachhuber at

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