Contacting VIP VIP platform specific

This document is for sites running on VIP.

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Overview #

Please contact us through the support portal in your VIP Dashboard (VIP -> Dashboard -> Contact VIP Support). Using the dashboard contact form is preferred as it automatically includes some helpful information and makes it possible for our full team to collaborate and coordinate on issues. This also allows us to quickly bring any member of the Automattic team up to speed. If you do not yet have access to that form, you can alternatively open new tickets directly in Zendesk.

So that we can handle your requests efficiently and quickly, please submit a new ticket for each individual issue, use a descriptive subject line that accurately summarizes the issue, and include as many details as you can to help us investigate.

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Coverage #

We have multiple layers of 24×7 automated monitoring in place. All of our backend systems are monitored. Also, if any VIP site front page doesn’t render a complete HTML block, we are notified. You can view the current status of all infrastructure on our Current Performance and Availability Status page.

We have full coverage for all USA business hours, and light follow-the-sun coverage (unless otherwise announced in a post on our VIP Lobby blog).

Any non-emergency weekend assistance should be pre-arranged. We generally don’t do migrations or launches on the weekend because in our experience, they have low success rates; too much gets left to complete in the surprisingly limited weekend window, and the needed expertise and collaboration isn’t available.

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Urgent Tickets #

Though we have 24×7 automated monitoring, sometimes you may want to reach the VIP team urgently. To notify our entire team immediately, you can send in a ticket with the word “urgent” in the subject line. Someone will respond to you immediately.

We ask that you use “urgent” tickets as sparingly as possible. They should only be used for outages, security issues, or workflow-blocking concerns. And please remember to include as many details as you can to help us solve the issue faster for you.

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