Content Migration Questionnaire VIP platform specific

This document is for sites running on VIP.

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Migrating content from an existing WordPress site onto VIP is included in your setup fees. If you are interested in migrating content from another content management system, please get in touch for a cost estimate.

To help us better understand your site and prepare for a smooth migration, please take the time to answer the following questions.

  1. What content management system are you migrating the content from? If it is not WordPress, does this CMS have a standard export feature, and can you attach a small sample export for us to review?
  2. How many posts, pages, images, and comments are in this migration? Please list.
  3. What’s the combined file size of all your media assets? This helps us estimate approximate import time.
  4. How many users are in this migration? How many of them require “real” accounts with login access, and how many of them require “guest” accounts with no login access?
  5. Are there any custom post types that we should be aware of?
  6. Are there any custom taxonomies we should be aware of?
  7. Are there any special considerations or requirements for redirects that we should keep in mind?
  8. Are there any special considerations for content segmentation (i.e. different languages)?
  9. Is the site content ready to go live, or do you plan on doing edits and cleanup post-import?
  10. By what date will you be able to get the full export to us?
  11. By what date do you hope to have the full import completed?

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