Customize Your Enterprise Site With JavaScript Enterprise allows you to fully customize your website using a combination of CSS and JavaScript. CSS is provided through’s Custom Design upgrade. JavaScript support is provided to Enterprise sites using our Custom JavaScript Editor. Use our JavaScript editor to build a media slider, implement a custom photo gallery, or add a further level of interactivity to your site.

Once you’ve logged into the admin, you can find the JavaScript Editor under the “Appearance” menu:

Custom JavaScript Editor

In the main body, the editor accepts any JavaScript you’d like. You can load third-party libraries like jQuery Masonry using the series of checkboxes on the right.

On the frontend, your JavaScript is dynamically inserted into the footer. Any libraries you’ve chosen to use will be enqueued in the header.

If you’d like to pull additional content into your site, or create a slider, the JSON Feed plugin is a great way to access your data. We’re always happy to take requests for new libraries.

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