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This document is for sites running on WordPress.com VIP.

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Overview #

As a member of WordPress.com VIP, you are able to embed rich media into your posts. This document will quickly explain how embedding works.

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Commonly Used Embeds #

Looking to embed content from YouTube, Hulu, InstagramVimeoBlip.tvCNNMoney videoDaily MotionGist or Reddit? Simply copy the URL in your browser bar while viewing the video or photograph, and paste it into your editor on its own line. We’ll automatically embed the content for you.

Note: Make sure the URL is not linked or formatted in any way, and that it is on its own line. You can read more about WordPress’s custom embeds here.

Looking to embed content from Scribd, Slideshare, Wufoo, Flickr Video, SoundCloud or Bandcamp? Each of these services offers a WordPress.com shortcode that you can paste directly into your post editor. Click on the service’s name above for more information on how to embed their content.

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Scripts, iFrames, and Objects #

WordPress.com VIP handles embeds and scripts that haven’t already been whitelisted above in a special way for security protection. Here’s how to embed code that begins with `<script>, <iframe>, <object>`.

1) In your post editor, there is a tool above the formatting bar that allows you to include scripts. You can click either “Add Media” or “Add Embed.”

Screen Shot 2013-07-22 at 5.55.27 PM

2) A window will pop up. Be sure to select the “Insert Embed” tab. Paste the script code into this window, and click “Insert.”

Screen Shot 2013-07-22 at 5.55.56 PM

3) A shortcode will be inserted in your post, representing your protected embed.

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Custom Widths/Heights For “Protected Embeds” #

Our “protected embeds” feature attempts to make an educated guess at the ideal width or height of your embed, but if the object you’re embedding doesn’t make those values obvious, we’re not always able to do that. Instead, you can specify your own width or height attributes for the iframes in the shortcode, as such:

protected-iframe id="#" info="#" width="100%" height="200"

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Importing Content with Embeds #

If you’re importing content from a non-VIP site, you may have embedded scripts, iframes and objects that need to work on your WordPress.com VIP site. To ensure this happens, please open a support ticket and request that we handle the initial import for you, which will allow that embedded content to pass through the import process. Then, when you next edit one of those posts or pages, the embed will be automatically converted to a protected embed.

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