home_url() vs site_url()

WordPress.com VIP Platform

This document is for sites running on our WordPress.com VIP platform.


When working with domain-mapped sites on WordPress.com, home_url() and site_url() will return different values.

  • home_url() returns the primary mapped domain (e.g. vippuppies.com)
  • site_url() returns the *.wordpress.com URL (e.g. vippuppies.wordpress.com)

A few notes:

  • home_url() will only return the mapped domain on or after the init has fired. Calling it before then will return the .wordpress.com domain.
  • If you accidentally use site_url() in your templates, theme-side links will still redirect correctly to the home_url() equivalent.
  • home_url() is the preferred method, as it avoids the above redirect.

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