Infrastructure FAQs VIP platform specific

This document is for sites running on VIP.

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We know our VIP clients want to make sure we’re following best practices in web hosting, data center design and operation, network security and disaster recovery. Below are some of the common questions we get about our infrastructure along with answers we hope are helpful. If you need more information about any of these topics, please contact us.

Do you have multiple physical locations for your data centers?

Yes. uses multiple data centers for content creation and serving, with additional data centers used for DNS and other functions. Data centers are run active-active and is built for N+1 redundancy, allowing for one data center to fail at a time.

Do the data centers use redundant power supplies?

Yes. Each data center has multiple power sources.

Do the data centers use redundant bandwidth providers?

Yes. Each data center has multiple routes to the Internet through different bandwidth providers.

Do you have standard maintenance windows where outages are expected?

No. We don’t do traditional “planned” maintenance or outage windows.  Our systems and procedures are designed such that the sites we serve are always available. If we did need to schedule a period of downtime, we would coordinate that with our clients well in advance.

Do you have network engineers on staff?

Yes. We have a dedicated and internal systems team that manages all aspects of our hosting infrastructure.

How do you combat Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS) attacks?

We have various types of DDoS protections in place as well as various mitigation strategies when they come up. These can happen several times a day but in most cases you won’t notice as either they’re small and our infrastructure can absorb the increased load, or our automated protections kick in and apply various techniques to minimize the impact. For extremely large-scale attacks, we have DNS-level mitigation techniques to minimize the impact on sites.

What monitoring do you do of our site and critical infrastructure?

We have multiple layers of industry-standard tools in place to constantly monitor the availability of our systems. When there are problems, we are instantly notified.

For VIP sites in particular, if the front page of the site doesn’t render a complete HTML block, we are also notified.

What backup and restoration options do you offer?

See Backups and Restoration.

How do we reach your team in the event of an infrastructure emergency?

Every VIP client is given the ability to file “Urgent” tickets with our team, which alerts our on-duty support staff via pager/SMS, 24x7x365 – learn more about Your VIP Toolbox and Coverage for Contacting Us. Note that any non-emergency assistance needed outside of USA business hours should be pre-arranged.



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