Introduction to the VIP Review Trac VIP platform specific

This document is for sites running on VIP.

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Overview #

We use the VIP Review Trac for all theme and plugin reviews. Our goal is to help you produce better quality code and improve the likelihood of launching in a timely manner.

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Trac Overview #

The VIP Review Trac is a standard Trac install with extra VIP juice mixed in. If you haven’t used Trac before, it’s an open source wiki, issue tracking system, and code browser that integrates fully with Subversion, our version control system. Because it also has a plugin architecture, we’ve extended it to include features like inline code commenting.

Trac is also the primary project management tool for the project. We’ll hope you’ll give back, either by writing patches for tickets, testing others’ patches, etc., once you become more familiar with the WordPress software.

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Code Reviews With VIP Review Trac #

When a VIP sends in a new theme or plugin via support ticket, we’ll load the code into the VIP Review Trac and send you a link to make the code review process more collaborative and effective. We’d like the review process to look something like this:

  1. A VIP Team member commits the initial set of code, and grants read-write access to VIP developers/project managers. You’ll be able to authenticate using your account. From this, you’ll be able to check out a copy of the code, browse the code in Trac, and see all of your tickets (assigned or cc’ed) from the homepage. You’ll also want to set your email address in Trac preferences so you receive notifications for new tickets or comments.
  2. VIP reviews the code, leaving inline comments and creating new tickets as needed. You can start working on issues as soon as we open them, but we’ll let you know when the review process is complete.
  3. We start everyone off with read-write access to code in the VIP Review Trac so you can resolve the tickets in a timely manner. The order in which you resolve the tickets does not matter, but we expect that each commit to the repository can be linked to only one or more tickets, if possible. You can do so with “See #NN”, “Ref #NN.” Also, please keep your commits as small as possible and make sure your commit comment communicates the change well. When you’ve committed all of the necessary code to resolve the issue, you can close the ticket.
  4. Once all of the issues are resolved, we’ll move the theme or plugin to At this time, you should switch your Subversion checkout to the new VIP Subversion URL and prepare all future patches against that checkout.

As always, we love all feedback on what works and what could be improved.

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