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This document is for sites running on VIP.

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Welcome to VIP!

We believe that VIP is a partnership between and some of the most high-profile, innovative and smart WordPress websites out there. We’re excited to have you here.

This page is to help site owers and project managers navigate the world of VIP. It includes information on how to set up a site on VIP, and how to communicate with the VIP team.

A call with the VIP team kicks off the collaborative process. We review your launch timeline and introduce you to the VIP platform and development tools. We are happy to use this time to consult with you on the best setup, plugins, and tools for your site’s needs.

Next, we set up access to some of the tools and documentation spaces that we use, as well as send out questionnaires covering more detailed technical aspects on your content migration, theme and plugin requirements. This is then followed up with a technical meeting.

At this point developers need to start setting up their development environments which involves setting up your local environment, installing PHPCS and setting up the development IDE to support WordPress coding conventions. Our PHPCS standards are an essential tool to help developers to produce secure and performant code.

Next, you will build your website using one of our themes or alternatively start from scratch most likely using a starter theme. You will also integrate custom plugins or leverage our pre-vetted library of community and partner plugins.

We then review the theme and work with your team on any possible issues. Once any issues have been corrected, the code is submitted to SVN / Git (depending on your platform) and your developers or partner developers are given access. From this point onwards changes to code are made via the deploy queue. On CSS changes are deployed immediately with other changes being deployed after review by one of our developers

Please be aware that the initial theme review can take between ten and fifteen days and it is essential that the code passes the PHPCS checks before submitting to us. If there are blockers in the code, theme review will be delayed.

At this stage we should know your user and content migration plans and the requirements for SSL will also need to be figured out. We will also work together to establish your final launch date.

The content migration must be carefully prepared and we will work closely together on making this as clean as possible. Please keep us up to date with changes to the content migration timeline as delays here can threaten the launch date.

On launch day, our team schedule engineers to be around to assist your team in realtime. We usually have a live chat open with your team to help ensure a fast response time for any last-minute questions or needs. We look forward to having a successful launch with you!

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