Using Git with Subversion

We understand a lot of VIPs want to use Git to integrate better with their VIP Subversion repositories. While we think Git is pretty awesome, will be using Subversion for the foreseeable future, so it’s best to learn how to make them play nice together!

Using Git with Subversion can be pretty easy once you set things up. The important thing is that you can push your changes to our SVN repo but also pull changes from it as well because we routinely push bug fixes and other updates.

Here are some resources we suggest checking out. If you find other resources which are helpful, please let us know and we’ll update the list so others can benefit.

Most VIPs using Git will use git-svn, which comes bundled with Git:

Starting from Subversion 1.7 it’s much easier to use another approach – to keep both a Git clone and a Subversion checkout in the same directory. This is ideal if you don’t like the complexities and want to overcome the limitation of git-svn that you need to commit to Git first and then push to Subversion. In this post below, VIP Developer Daniel Bachhuber walks you through how he initializes a Git repo inside of Subversion:

Of course, you can always build custom deployment scripts that match your workflow. VIPs like CBS Local have built out deployment tools that let them sync across Git branches and multiple SVN repos. If you have a particular workflow which works for your team – please get in touch so it can be shared with other VIPs!

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