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Powered By VIP

As a member of VIP, your theme should have a “Powered by VIP” link displayed. Most people put this link in the footer of their website.

Rather than hardcoding this link, we would prefer if you used existing helper functions to do it. This makes it much easier to maintain the link’s URL and such in the long run.


If you want, we have a widget available to VIPs that will display this link. It requires no theme modifications and can go directly into your sidebar or even your footer if you have a widget area set up there.

PHP Function

The more flexible solution is our helper function, vip_powered_wpcom(). Example:

<?php echo vip_powered_wpcom(); ?>

If called with no arguments, vip_powered_wpcom() will return the following:

Powered by <a href="" rel="generator"> VIP</a>

However you can customize that to better fit your site if you wish.

The first argument controls the output type. The default is text, but you can also pass the numbers 1 through 6 to use one of these images instead of text:


The second parameter only applies to the text format and controls the text before the link. It defaults to “Powered by ” (note the trailing space).

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