Documentation VIP Go Accessing your code

Accessing your code

Your site’s code will live within a repository (repo) in the VIP GitHub organization, which will be created when you get started on VIP Go. By default this repository will be private, but can be public if required.

There is no limit to how many GitHub users from your organization, development team, and any third party agency can access your repository. We are happy to give nominated users from your organization admin access to your repository, allowing you to manage users or application integrations with your GitHub repo. Alternatively you are welcome to contact us to add users to a repository, please send us their GitHub usernames and whether you want them to have read or write access to the repo, and we will then add them as GitHub collaborators for that repository.

Once the repository is created, you can choose to use this for your development, or simply to push your work to it as a Git remote and use any existing infrastructure (e.g. Beanstalk, Bitbucket, etc.)

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